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Hermelin the Detective Mouse Review

Hermelin the Detective Mouse by Mini Grey

Hermelin is a noticer. He is also a finder. The occupants of Offley Street are delighted when their missing items are found, but not so happy to learn that their brilliant detective is a mouse! What will happen to Hermelin? Will his talents go unrewarded?

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A few years back, when I used to live in Oxford, I went to a museum that had an exhibition about Mini Grey. And Hermelin caught my eye, but somehow I didn’t end up buying it. (I enjoyed the exhibition a lot as it was meant for children and adults and it was about all her books).

But now I have got it and read it! The artwork is still gorgeously cute and I just find this is the type of book you read once and notice certain things in the scenes. And then the next time you read it, you see something different. I love that, because it makes the book be so many stories in one single story.

Each page is packed full of artwork and little clues to what will happen in the story or how, like the scenes tell the story without words. But the words are also there and they are good.

Hermelin is a cute mouse and he keeps trying to help others, but it may have put him in a spot of trouble. Things do end up well (it is a children’s book, they really don’t ever end up badly, except maybe for villains).

The story is cute and the words help tell it, but definitely it shines in the illustrations and I am just on repeat because it was really cute and made me smile and want to read it again as soon as I had finished it.

A good book for children as they can tell their own story from the pictures, or have the story read to them, or read it to someone and keep finding new things that will delight them!

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