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The Bear and the Piano Review


The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield

One day, a young bear stumbles upon something he has never seen before in the forest. As time passes, he teaches himself how to play the strange instrument, and eventually the beautiful sounds are heard by a father and son who are picnicking in the woods. The bear goes with them on an incredible journey to New York, where his piano playing makes him a huge star. He has fame, fortune and all the music in the world, but he misses the friends and family he has left behind. A moving tale of exploration and belonging from an exciting debut author-illustrator.

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This was another whim buy, because it had a piano in the title (fox, dragon, piano, put those in the title and I’ll probably buy it…) and it looked cute. Not wrong at all.

I read it during the weekend, after months of very intense workload (I love my job so much, but there’s SO much work that my brain has been overwhelmed I have little energy for anything else) and this was a heartwarming little read.

A small bear discovers a piano and starts plonking at it. At first the sound is horrid, but after a lot of plonking, the sounds isn’t displeasing anymore and he gains a crowd of pleased bears to listen. But then the bear gets discovered and becomes famous.

Oh the fame, but then there’s this little thing making Bear want to go back to the forest…

The art is gorgeous, it has a nice palette that is very foresty and then very much glamour. I found the bears cute and it was just simple yet gorgeous.

It’s not a very long review, but if you like bears or pianos, then this is a nice book to buy for when you can’t read a lot and just want to read something and feel that you finished a book!


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