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100 Hugs Review


100 Hugs by Chris Riddell

This gorgeous collection of hugs from Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell is the perfect gift for a loved one, or to cheer yourself up on a dark day. It covers every possible type of hug you can think of, but one thing is for certain: every one will touch your heart.


100 Hugs was one of my Christmas gifts and it had been on my wishlist for a while. I came upon it after having found a (signed) copy  of Art Matters by Neil Gaiman in Forbidden Planet. Art Matters had illustrations by Chris Riddell, and then I found this book and the artist in me wanted it.

It is a collection of drawings of hugs, and as the description says, it has almost every possible type of hug you can think of. The illustrations themselves were just a delight to look through and the fact that they are hugs in many different ways between many different parties made it even better.

Receiving this book was like getting a hug for when I am a little sad and there isn’t someone to give me one. I can just open this and look at it and marvel at how hugs happens and what it is like to be hugged. (I am most certainly a hugs person and I love cuddles so this is a good book).

I also find Chris’ artwork interesting in itself and inspiring.

Moon recommends

Find someone to give you a hug (or someone you can hug, plush toys, pets, etc. count) because this book really makes you want to do that. And if you’d like to see all the illustrations I’d recommend getting a copy (or gifting one to someone you know needs a hug, or a 100 of them).

2 thoughts on “100 Hugs Review”

  1. I love Chris Riddell’s art! Also, I’m only slightly jealous of your signed copy of Art Matters 😀

    1. I was just really really lucky, it was behind another one and I was just looking around and spied the sticker and got it!

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