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Power of Illusions Owlcrate Unboxing



(I was trying to make a pun, I am not good at them).

This is December’s Owlcrate. Owlcrate were my first subscription box back in the day (2015), and introduced me to the magic of ADSOM/Schwab. I did stop my subscription but last year (this is weird to write… it doesn’t feel like last year yet, or rather like this is a new year) I started it again, with the mindset of skipping the boxes I didn’t care about or that didn’t really catch my attention.

December’s theme sounded intriguing and I had had my eye on the book, so it was a good one to have. Usually I go in a circle, but this panoramic puzzle means I am starting from the left and finishing on the right:

  • King of Fools sampler, this is an exclusive sampler for Owlcrate, and also, the book is the sequel for Ace of Shades. I wasn’t crazy about Daughter of the Burning City (it was one of the first “this is too predictable, I am not crazy about it” books I read) so this is one of those items I am a bit meh about. It also doesn’t really get me because I didn’t read Ace of Shades.
  • Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene. And it has an Owlcrate exclusive cover, which I find I like it more this way rather than the original. This comes signed and with an author letter.
  • On top of the book is an “amber pendant necklace” (not real amber, and it is golden so for me it was more of a “trinket” item but I am sure someone else would find it cute).
  • The zine with the theme artwork underneath the book.
  • A Reading Planner (collaboration with Blue Star Press), which I have never really used one of them but I like this one quite a bit. It is pretty, in a spiral bound style which helps a lot to make the most of both sides of the pages. And it is very colourful and positive looking.
  • The Crown’s Game inspired tree ornament by Juniper and Ivy Designs. It is very intricate and it went straight unto my Christmas tree.
  • Theme postcard and badge.
  • Caraval quote tote bag, by Stella Bookish Art. not particularly crazy about it, but I use tote bags for my shopping so won’t complain either.
  • A Queen Levana inspired candle by Flick the Wick. The candle smells really delicious and the fandom is The Lunar Chronicles. This is probably one of my favourite items but I am partial to candles (if the scents work for me).
  • A magnet with a Night Circus quote by Ink & Wonder Designs. Not crazy about it either.

All in all it was a nice box, there were items I liked a lot and the exclusive cover was one I liked more than the original, which is a plus. But on the other hand, I am a bit tired of seeing tote bags/cushions/quotes from Caraval in the same style or similar one. I know they choose fandoms that are “big” but I’d like to see smaller fandoms or just things that stick to the theme without being exclusively the same fandom every other box and their uncle/aunt has included already.

What would I’ve liked to see in this box? Maybe a card set and some “magic tricks” guide or maybe a small magic trick gimmick that made me feel like a magician? (Maybe a wand that brings flowers out?) It definitely would have made me smile a lot and probably laugh trying to master the trick and then trying said trick on friends and family.

2 thoughts on “Power of Illusions Owlcrate Unboxing”

  1. I had to stop getting my OwlCrate sadly and this is the first box I’ve seen since stopping that I wish I would have gotten! The exclusive book cover is so beautiful!

    1. I know! I loved the cover so much! It is gorgeous <3 I don't do Owlcrate every month but I liked this one.

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