Meet the Character: WBT

I know I haven’t done one of these in a while, but life has kept me a bit tangled up and I wanted to give my characters a good post rather than a rushed one.

In this edition we meet the WBT (Wig Bag Trio).

The WBT are a trio of friends who receive a mysterious package (one for each) that has a strange bag that looks like a wig. Included with the bag is a note mentioning some cryptic responsibilities and warnings.

Page 1 by MoonKestrel

Turns out that once they wear the bag, they receive some “superpowers”. Mind you, not the usual super hero powers, but rather powers that can be blessings or curses all in one. Their story follows the trio as they try to figure out how to use their powers (there is quite a bit of humour about this). Of course, with the superpowers comes a strange Headquarters base that is basically set in another planet/dimension. As such, the base sends them out on missions to help out all kinds of creatures and through time.

So let’s meet the trio (there will be a separate edition for each character):

Knit Anele is the youngest of the group, and her superpowers grant her tale records, a mischievous lamb called Mischief, and the power over dreams.

Then there is Dalv Le Wot, he is Knit’s older brother and both and artist in his real life and as part of his superpowers. He receives a magic paintbrush and a squid companion.

Finally, we have Naj Reyals, his superpowers challenge his moral compass, as he is the only one who receives a weapon, arrows that will always fly true, and an ocarina he can play to control nature.

The trio was born out of crazy skype chats with two of my friends, and confusing a backpack for a wig. It was meant initially just as a joke, but we all loved the idea so much it had it’s own life pretty quickly.

The plan was to make their comic and have it online, sadly life has been in the way so the comic is just in draft form at the moment. But, the characters appear frequently in my sketches (specially Knit and the Captain) so part of their story is revealed as I draw them more and more.

Hopefully they have intrigued you enough so you’d look out for the next Meet the Character edition, where I’ll talk about Knit Anele.


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