Moon Writes: Cat I

He saw her first.
She walked to where he was. Even though she was told his name, her mind didn’t register his existence at all. To her, he was just part of the scenery, a piece of this moment, she was not the focus of what was happening.
She still can’t remember if she said goodbye.
He remembers.
He was curious about this new being, the way she looked, everything that made her who she was. A tug of the heart, a leap of the soul, and somehow the need to know more was born.
Someone made her aware of him (yet again, for at the time she thought it was the first time), a name given to his being. She thought he looked sweet. But her head was lost in the tiredness of her body, and she left without really trying to connect with him. There was no need, she’d probably never see him again.
He had made her smile.
He strolled towards where she was living in the field. Mind set on finding out more, he was invited to wait while she ate and then, he was drawn. Sketched up, a part of the scenery that had caught her eyes.
He had been looking for her.
They kept each other company the rest of the evening. The fire warmed them up, and she let him rest against her thigh, while she sat on her chair. When she stood up to leave, she wasn’t sure if he’d follow, there was no debt there to make him do so.
Yet, he did.
The night wrapped them up with her darkness. They walked through the fields, and where she should have stopped and parted ways, the decision to keep on walking was made. So they walked and kept each other company until dawn started to break night’s embrace.
They parted ways at her doorstep, and she couldn’t help but wonder if she’d see him again.
She didn’t dare to hope.
Almost everybody was leaving, except those few that’d be gone the next morning since they were headed to another field. She was one of the former, so there was no hurry in her. There had been no sign of him at all, and she knew she shouldn’t hope.
He was a wild one, and she wasn’t ready to tame anymore.
It seemed like not being aware of him was a trick of hers she didn’t do on purpose. She almost stumbled on him before she saw him. He had been looking for her, again. Too busy minding his own affairs in the field, he still hadn’t forgotten her.
She was surprised.
He had to leave her.
And it wasn’t part of the plan for him to be on the next field. She had smiled knowingly, one couldn’t really expect one such as him to stay… So he was meant to be just a memory of the time spent in that field, good moments lived that would only be relived when looking back on the past.
She was taken aback, when a couple of days later, he arrived on the field. Not part of the plan, unexpected indeed. It warmed her up inside, and she felt flattered. Others noticed his presence and knew he was there because of her. Yet they didn’t seem to mind his being there.
Time ticked by slowly. Found them resting under a tree, enveloped by the night and mists, cold rattling their bones, so that they sought shelter. That night, his wildness tied itself with a pretty lace around her.
He wasn’t going to let go.
Once she realised it was a tight knot, she tried to push him away, untie the intricate bow. When she put her finger to work on the lace, he looked up at her. Round lovely deep eyes, in which she could get lost, won her over and she let go.
She tried to explain that she was not his best choice. The words she uttered just made him more resolute on his decision to stay by her side. She couldn’t understand why, and he couldn’t explain it in a language she’d understand.
Still, he made her smile.
If you glance into the window of their home, you’ll see them happily sharing a bed.
A contented sigh from her, her hand softly stroking his head.
And he…
He will softly purr.

I wrote this a long time ago, but it is still one of my favourite short stories. After a lot of back and forth trying to decide if I should post the “Cat” collection, I decided to be a little brave and open and post it.
The “Cat” series was written during a very difficult time in my life, and each one was written with a specific friend in mind, who had helped me along it. The title actually comes from the name of one of those people. And it works charmingly for the whole “reveal” at the end.
Hope you liked it and didn’t mind I added some writing in here.

Moon Writes: letters i

as the sun comes (or goes),
on a journey that marks the passing of time,
sitting on a train or as i roam
this big city that never stops;
something tugs at my heart
and brings tears to my eyes.
barely there,
at first i can’t
make heads or tails of it,
but still
i try.
carefully i prod inside my mind,
what is this that shakes me
and menaces to break me?
can i give it name, or
shall it remain undefined?
don’t ask,
please, don’t ask…
[enough questions shoot my mind from the inside]
for i don’t know how to reply,
as i try to unravel this feeling that
crushes my chest
and nestles in my breast.
gather round,
for i have found
the name for what bothers me,
problem is
the solution is unnamed.
the lack of a place to call my own,
where i can find refuge,
for me to create or destroy,
where i can be myself without
having to hide anything away.
i have always
been someone small,
but deep roots grow
from my heart and soul
to the place i can call home.
just let me say,
in my defense,
that your
the care you have for who i am,
despite my being lost 
and the circles i talk around your head,
trying to make sense of all the events
that brought me to where i am.
looks deceive,
words may be empty,
but what you do,
that is matters in the end.
many places have
at some point in time and space
been a home to me.
next to you,
is the nearest “place” i can think of
that may be called home in this today.
open arms that hold me close,
confrontation or sweet words,
how did this come to be?
how can you know what i need?
protecting my broken heart,
i find comfort at your side,
peace that calms my fears
and takes away my tears.
run and rush
towards you
and find my home
stay with me,
for we both know what this is worth,
let the world crash, let it burn,
but don’t give up on who we are,
for if you do,
it might all come to an end.
take me as I am,
let’s build a new life,
a secret we’ll hold close
to your hearts,
don’t say the words,
let’s keep them inside.
under the stars
inside a tent;
or maybe just in our bed,
the place is not what defines
where my home is.
valleys or mountains,
rivers or the sea,
nature calls us to be free.
o wait for me,
for you’re the key
for this locked world
inside of me…
x x x
kisses blown to the wind,
may they reach your lips,
and whisper those thoughts
i wasn’t brave enough
to word out loud
you are the cure to my sickness,
the home that is nowhere else,
my refuge and my calm throughout the storm,
you, you are the one.
you’ve struck my heart,
the tears and fears have left,
i am at peace,
at i am alive…

Sometime ago I tried to write a poem using the whole alphabet, one verse per letter. Here it is, in all it’s “glory”.


Moon Writes: astronomy under our nails

black hole that makes me miss you
then it bursts into a supernova,
deception and frustration,
seeking to move on to outer space

star dust of memories left behind
randomly fall on my eyelashes,
that’s why you see me cry,
just a speck on my eye,

nothing more, nothing less,
i don’t miss you,
i don’t need you any more,
don’t you see?

galaxies swirl around my head,
opportunities galore
and i don’t know what to say
how can i choose the way?

inside this combustible heart,
each beat births a star,
wondering if your comet behaviour
will finally make you collide with me

which of us is the moon?
you orbit around me,
as soon as you go too far
gravity pulls you back

but your erratic ways
are making turmoil with my tide
waves of emotion that
create storms deep inside

in this (not so) empty space,
two planets attracted to each other,
can’t resist the pull,
but we still try to fight

darling, moon, star,
comet, planet, sun,
surrender to
the laws of life,

crash against my atmosphere,
feel the burn in your skin
we’re turning into a
universe made up of you and i.

Today I am doing something different (it’s Valentine’s let’s be a little romantic, right?). Since I left Deviantart (see tomorrow’s post), I have a set of poems I had there that I still love and want to share so they will be popping randomly on here.

This is my favourite one that I wrote and it has a lot fo romance and a few interpretations for it.