Subscription Boxes

Moon Hauls: Death and Fortune Illumicrate

Subscription box: Illumicrate

Theme/Month: Death and Fortune, November 2021

Ownership: Subscribed on their 6 boxes option. If you are interested in purchasing an Illumicrate subscription, you can do it on their website.

Illumicrate is a book subscription box, it usually features fantasy and sci-fi but not exclusively young adult, sometimes it features adult too. It usually contains a new release, a pin and several bookish goodies.

I have had this book in my preorders so knowing there was a box dedicated to Death and Fortune was something right up my alley. Starting on the bottom right corner and going clockwise:

  • Theme leaflet with details of the contents and the photo challenge.
  • A book cover, more of the kind you slip the edges of the book in and wrap around rather than a book bag.
  • The second collectible teacup, I adore these and need a better place to display them but also, they are definitely getting used. Gorgeous, gorgeous!
  • The main book, Little Thieves, gorgeous edition.
  • Print
  • A golden filigree fancy bookmark with a wonderful card background that also doubles as a second bookmark.
  • An illumicrate pen
  • Monthly collectible pin
  • And a book tin.

Overall the box was lovely, I could have done with more death in it but still really enjoyed the items, and love the collectible tea cups and the book edition was stunning and very well done, so happy with the contents.

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