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Dragon Physician Review

Dragon Physician by Joyce Chng

How is a boy going to succeed in a world of dragon-racing dominated by women and girls? When Jixin finally becomes a dragon physician to the wonderful dragon breeds, his world begins to change.

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I pestered Joyce for a way to buy this book. And so I have a copy (bought, not gifted or anything) and somehow forgot to review it (in my head I thought I had done it, fail).

But now unto the book, it is a really cute story set in a world I really liked and found interesting. For starters the useful people here are women. Men are the ones “relegated” to certain tasks because they aren’t that good for the tasks women do. It was interesting to see this “change” of roles so drastically but not into a “polar opposites of how they tend to be in our world”.

And we have Jixin’s story, but he is also taken by the daughter of the owner of the racing house he works in. This brings him into the opportunity of fulfilling his drea of becoming a dragon physician like his mother (there seems to be a space for the story of her mother here, but this is the first book, and I do want to know that story).

There is also the story of the racing houses, and then the troubles and “adventure” that ensues as he accepts some interesting proposals from the daughter of the racing house.

I found the racing houses and dragon lore fun and wanted to know more. And there was also a lot of questions regarding what being LGBTQ+ means, and how to consider and react to it, but also the questions it brings.

I haven’t read many books that ask this kind of questions and I was pleased by having them posed the way they were here, as they are part of the story and make part of the plot, but they are also not a detractor of it or to say it is “driving” an agenda. It just is.

All in all, I enjoyed it, wish it was a series and there were more, and I would be even happier it was illustrated or had some illustrations (that cover is super cute and so galactic lovely!).

I would suggest you check Joyce’s books out, she has some more on dragons and werewolves (not together if I remember correctly), so there’s something for everyone.

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