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I ♥ UK YA BookBox Club Unboxing

August is here! So here’s last month’s BookBoxClub, because after YALC (and before it which is when this box actually arrived), who doesn’t want some extra love to UK YA?

I think I need a bigger puzzle because I can’t fit all the stuff that came in the box nicely over it. Let’s unbox, going from top left corner, clockwise:

  • Heartstream by Tom Pollock. Highly anticipated book for me, as I loved White Rabbit, Red Wolf so much!
  • I ♥ boks flag, which is cute.
  • A zine invite (it is online and interesting and full fo interviews and other bits).
  • Some promotional postcards.
  • Under a Dancing Star by Laura Wood. Also one I wanted to read as I enjoyed Sky Painted Gold a lot.
  • I ♥ UK YA notebook, which is full of wonderful books on the cover and a cute bookcase/shelves.
  • Book-Lover necklace.
  • Theme card.
  • Apple crumble tea, I haven’t tried, but it sounds delicious and I can’t wait.

All in all this was a cute pre-YALC box that made me want YALC to come sooner (I know, this is post the event but the box arrived before it and that’s what it made me feel like, but I usually post unboxings a few weeks later to be polite about spoilers).

Fill this sky with stars...