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The Boy Who Lived With Dragons Review


The Boy Who Lived With Dragons by Andy Sheperd

Tomas has a secret – a big secret. He has his own tiny dragon, Flicker! A dragon which grew on a very special tree at the bottom of his grandad’s garden. And not only that – his friends Ted, Kai and Kat have dragons too, all grown on the same dragonfruit tree …

Having your own dragon is magical – but Tomas is also about to find out what living with a dragon is REALLY like. When the fire-breathing kicks in and you get singed every five seconds, it’s like having an unpredictable volcano in your pocket. Learning to train the dragons and keep them out of trouble at school and home will take all Tomas’s creativity and patience … What is more, the dragonfruit tree is starting to look droopy and unwell. Tomas and his friends have got to do all they can restore it to health and uncover its deepest mysteries, as well as trying to work out what big secret local bully Liam, ‘King of Trouble’, has got up his sleeve … One thing is for sure, life is never dull when you have a dragon in your pocket.

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All the dragons, there’s more dragons, not just Flicker this time! Because Tomas’ gang now has dragons too and they are finding it tricky to take care of them.

For a start, Flicker tends to behave well, but the other ones, not so much and they each do different things like camouflage, or massive fire, or an “ice” fire. And Tomas is struggling to figure out how to help them take care of their dragons and train them as he keeps trying to figure out things himself with Flicker.

Flicker is a gorgeous little dragon and a very smart one so he will help Tomas as best s he can, specially as they realise that the dragon fruit tree seems to be slowly dying and they don’t want that to happen. The question is why and how (since his Grandpa takes good care of the garden and plants, so definitely not him). Maybe it is the angry neighbour Grim (Jim)?

The illustrations once again are funny and add to the story very well and the story itself is cute and fun and just a nice sunny kind of book.

Moon recommends

This is book two, so maybe you want to start with The Boy Who Grew Dragons?

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