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Bookish Teas Anniversary Box

Bookish Teas makes the most amazing teas. They are inspired by books and characters and it is just the best tea I’ve had.


The anniversary box was gorgeous, just look at all the goodies. Going clockwise, starting with the print on the left:

  • Anniversary Print by Kim Carlika. This is super dreamy, a lot of lovelies coming out of a cup of tea.
  • A pretty tin of fruit tea which is the anniversary tea.
  • All the feels candle by Glittering Flames, this has a soft flowery smells, quite interesting.
  • French Kiss tea, a green tea blend inspired by Anna and The French Kiss.
  • Thus with a Kiss I Die, a blend of black tea inspired by Romeo & Juliet.
  • Anna and the French Kiss sticker, which is very cute and it has a lovely romantic feel.
  • Anniversary tea mirror.


Subscription Boxes

Bookish Teas Writerverse

It is no surprise to anyone that I like tea (I mean, even the customer support of Fairyloot knows this about me!), and that my two favourite places to get tea is Adagio Teas and Bookish Teas.

Zilan (Bookish Teas) is a lovely lady that lives in Germany and makes wonderful tea mixes that are a delight to drink. She is also very careful in making sure her ingredients are fresh from farms and places like that, so the tea is very high quality.


The Writerverse box was the last one of the year, but they tend to do special boxes frequently and they have all been a delight. This one included several lovely things:

  • Four tea blends.
  • Signed book plate from the author of Stalking Jack The Ripper and Hunting Dracula.
  • Goodies from the Corr sisters.
  • A Darkling bookmark by .
  • A Godsgrave ribbon bookmark by .
  • A comic page art postcard by
  • A postcard inspired by Stalking Jack the Ripper.
  • A Tric perfume by behindthepages (it smells delicious).
  • The Bookish Teas Tealicious “zine” with recipes and details about the box.

We were spoiled in signed and exclusive goodies in this box and the teas are all so delicious I can’t choose my favourite one (though I admit my most favourites have been the London teas inspired by ADSOM).

Subscription Boxes

Warbringer SpecialTea Bookish Tea Box

As you may know, I am a tea drinker. And not just have a cuppa now and then, but the kind of tea drinker that has a lot of loose leaf tins, pesters tea companies to help her find alternatives to tea bags or make their tea available (if you liked FairyLoot’s Warriors & Legends tea, look for Blend No. 66 here). And I am always looking out for new tea blenders and tea providers that care about their customers and specially about your tea.

This brings me to Zilan and Bookish Teas. She comes from a family that blends tea and has been blending tea since she was a child, and it shows, trust me. Every single one of her tea blends that I have tried has blown me away.

So today, I am unboxing one of her Bookish Tea Boxes, one inspired by Warbringer.


As soon as I opened the box, the fragance of the teas welcomed me. Delicious as usual. The contents were:

  • 3 tea blends. Sisters in Battle (it was the one that had the most inviting smell and I couldn’t resist it, so I made a cup of tea almost as soon as I had unboxed it). Warbringer and Steve’s Gift. (I have yet to try this other two blends but they smell delicious).
  • Two delightful Warbringer pins by eachchronicles illustration.
  • A Themyscira lip balm by Behind The Pages.
  • A Wonder Woman bookmark with a lovely quote by wordsbyjasmine.
  • Themyscira bath salts by The Bookish Beauty Court (this made me very happy and I proudly boasted about them to my boyfriend).
  • A gorgeous illustration by LisyCorner showing Diana as a child and as Wonder Woman, it definitely catches your eye and makes you want to display it somewhere.

I admit I had actually missed out on getting this beforehand, or before first shipping, but once I saw an unboxing of it, I knew I had to have it and I do not regret this at all. Absolutely worth it.