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Moon Hauls: The Winternight Trilogy

Back when Book Box Club existed they did “The Bear and the Nightingale” and “The Girl in the Tower” as one of their monthly books, and I absolutely fell in love with them.

Then there was an author visit and signing in a library and turns out there were only like 3 of us there, so we sat in barefeet on the floor and chatted with Katherine about books, the story and more to come. No lies here, it was one of my favourite book events ever, we had Pom Bears and Capri suns, and just enjoyed the time in the library.

And of course, my original paperback of back then, has one a great dedication:

So of course I had to get this edition from Illumicrate (I did not totally deviate from the original content intended, at all, promise).

It came with the stunning version of the book, a print, a necklace a bookmark (it’s so dainty, so perfect) and a spinning tealight holder (I find these so fun to watch). It was such a big win and just fit perfectly with my love for this series.

Fill this sky with stars...