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Moon Reads: The Skull

The Skull by Jon Klassen

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Nothing is perfect, and as such, the reviews in this blog are chaotic. My main aim is to share my thoughts, joy and opinions on a book, not make a publication perfect review. This blog endorses authenticity, showing up and joy over perfection.

I stumbled upon this book while browsing Waterstones and it just looked like an interesting creepy book that would match some other favourites I have read on a similar style (reviews coming).

Let’s start with the artwork which is absolutely perfectly matched to the book, it is creepy, it is artsy and feels a bit folkloric and just right.

Then we have the story, which has a story of how it came to be. The author had a vague idea of reading a story that matched this story, but when he went back to read it, it was nothing like what he remembered, so he made the one he remembered. I think that is so cool and comes to show that sometimes stories grip you and you end up being inspired or making your own interpretation of them.

But, now to the main story, The Skull is about a big old abandoned house where a skull lives. And when Otilla escapes from danger and ends up taking refuge in the house, she finds her host, the skull, not too bad a companion. But skull is scared of something too and therefore they may be able to help each other!

This was a work of art and I found it perfectly creepy, mysterious and folkloric, with a nice twist of a decision on where the plot goes and it was very satisfying to read.

Fill this sky with stars...