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Defying the Odds Fairyloot Unboxing

I fell for it, because of the proof to be included in the box. And I am giving them 6 months to convince me to stay or not. I am still unsure about liking the full box. But we shall see.

Starting on the theme card on the bottom left and going clockwise, we have:

  • Theme card and theme art bookmark.
  • Magnetic bookmarks inspired by Skyward, my fave is the middle one. It’s so cute. But I am not crazy about magnetic bookmarks so they may go unused.
  • Tarot cards. Not my thing (I have a deck, it is just this set isn’t my thing).
  • A Fire Breathing Queen pin, which did for interesting reading of what it says.
  • A pair of socks, they’re soft and cosy.
  • Microfiber cloth with a quote. Now, this was abit confusing, because it is super cheap quality and basically doesn’t clean much and the printing will wash out easily. I would’ve rather liked a glasses cleaning cloth or something that can be used more.
  • Proof copy of Wicked As You Wish, really excited about it!
  • Game of Thrones pencils. I don’t need many pencils (unless they were proper drawing pencils sets, that’d be nice) so this isn’t being kept either.
  • Tea, in eco friendly packaging, which is nice.
  • A nice pouch, with a quote from Red Rising.
  • The main event book, Eight Will Fall. I hand’t heard of the book before this but I am very curious!

All in all, I am still unsure. There is the books and maybe one item I like, but the rest isn’t too great and could be better. But let’s see how January goes and the next few months…

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