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The Way Home for Wolf Review

The Way Home for Wolf by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

This is a cute story that caught my eye at some point while buying other children’s books. And to answer the silent question, I do not have children, I don’t buy this type of books to give them away to someone’s child. They are bought for me, to cheer me up when I am sick, to refresh my creative juices, to remind me to be a child.

Back to the review, the artwork is gorgeous and endearing. Wilf is a curious proud young wolf (as most children are, very “independent” until things turn out to not be easy and in the cocoon of your safe environment), but as the pack moves to a new home, he gets lost.

But thankfully, he is not alone and other animals can help him find his way to get back home.

The wording is easy and fun and very rhyming and I just enjoyed it quite a lot.

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