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Murder and Mayhem Owlcrate Unboxing


I just noticed there’s a very murdery vibe in colour choice of the box and I like it. Let’s check the items in it starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • Four Dead Queens. I already had this book in my list, ages ago, so it was easy to say yes to this box instead of Skip. I have to say I do prefer the normal cover rather than this one being red, I think the blue gives it a more “Cold” sombre effect that matches it better, but it’s still gorgeous.
  • Underneath there’s a drawsting backpack with a lot of murdery vibes going on. I don’t really do drawstring backpacks, but I love the idea of it and this one is quite nice quality.
  • The collectible pin which is gorgeous! It is the quadrants of the Four Dead Queens.
  • Three Dark Crowns sticker, which is gorgoeus and now I don’t know where to stick it!
  • A woodmark (I am still not super keen on them, they make me think it’ll break or something easily. ) and this one was very “meh” for me, even if the wolf is gorgeous.
  • My favourite item! A ceramic travel mug (I have a soft spot for travel mugs) inspired by Neverngiht, which is just amazing.
  • Sunai candle, there were apparently three scents to match the monsters types from This Savage Song.
  • Four Dead Queens pencil, from publisher I think. Not much of an opinion, it’s a pencil, it’ll be used…
  • And the theme card which also fits well the whole vibe of the box.

I liked the box in general but somehow wasn’t as wowed by it as I was by the one from last month. However, the mug makes me happy. I probably won’t keep the backpack but the rest of the things will be used (not the woodmark, please stop sending woodmarks! I do love Ink & Wonder designs but I am tired of woodmarks).

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