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Whimsical Beasts Owlcrate Unboxing


I know I’ve been quite “detailed” in my recent unboxings in general, mostly because I do spend a lot in them, and also because I have to decide which ones to keep, but also, experience. I’ve been buying book boxes since 2015-2016. I think my first one was the 3rd or 4th Owlcrate ever. I’ve seen book boxes come and go, and have seen them stay.

Anyway, the reason I derailed is that I really enjoyed this box and that was a good thing. So let’s do the unboxing starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau Preto. Super gorgeous cover, and purple sprayed edges, plus I like the dark cover.
  • Accio Books beanie. Probably my least favourite item of this box, but that’s mostly because I don’t wear beanies. But I can appreciate a cute one when I see it and this one is gorgeous.
  • Zine and theme postcard, so pink/purple, so cute, I just loved this one so much more than the recent ones.
  • An umbrella. It has pretty artwork, but just the fact that there’s a compact umbrella in the box made me squeal a little. I keep one in my work bag, one in my car, one in my usual bag, and it is always nice to get a handy compact one. Plus this one is SO gorgeous and unique, so less boring than just the black plain umbrella.
  • Pixie Dust soap, smells nice and I am all pro soaps specially if they are from nice small independent companies, so love it.
  • Owlcrate pin. I like pins, this has a Phoenix, not much to say here.
  • Spirited Away keyring, with Haku! I loved this one, and also was happy to see a good keyring in it.
  • A paperback copy of The Tea Dragon Society, which I have in hardback and have reviewed before, so also bonus. I ended up giving this away because I already own it but if I didn’t it’d be awesome!

So one of my favourite Owlcrate boxes recently. Just full of delightful goodies.

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