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A Polar Bear in Love Vol. 1 Review


A Polar Bear in Love Vol. 1 by Koromo

A polar bear falls in love with a seal, but the seal thinks the polar bear is trying to eat it!

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This was a random purchase where I stumbled upon it, thought it was very cute and bought it alongside the other 3 volumes that I found in English.

I regret nothing! It is utterly cute, with this polar bear finding a “baby” (not that young but still in “baby” fur) seal and falling in love at first sight. The poor seal cannot comprehend this and so it is hilarious to read, but also extremely cute. I kept laughing so hard my boyfriend actually came to check in on me to figure out what I was reading.

Mostly, there are a lot of puns, a lot of insight into love, and what it means to be prey and predator (it also touches on privilege). It is impressive how much it touches about social commentary yet it is so simple, cute and lovely.

The artwork is great at simplifying things but also adds a lot of detail (and considering this is all in the North Pole, well, what props do you have except ice, snow, some ocean, and mostly white animals?)



3 thoughts on “A Polar Bear in Love Vol. 1 Review”

    1. It is very cute. A nice fluffy read for before bed (in my case it worked really well)

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