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Staycation Yume Twins Unboxing


With a theme such as staycation, how could I resist this box? It was extra cute which was perfect for a cheering up after a long work day. Starting on the cute bird plushie:

  • There where six different birds that you could get, they’re all round and cute and super soft (shame you can’t share textures online). I didn’t have a particular preference this time, so I was happy with the one I got.
  • The Staycation “magazine” which explains items, and other bits and bobs.
  • A Hello Kitty travel toothbrush. Previously they did a My Melody one and it is one of the handiest things ever, so I was glad to get another one (and I like anything Sanrio)
  • Zipper Bags, they look like “mason jars” but are actually sturdy zipper bags. They seem ideal for snacks but I would want to use them for things that can be washed out and then reuse them. They’re very very cute.
  • A Little Twin Stars shopping bag. It comes in its own carrying bag and once again, it is sturdy and it is also lovely.
  • Disney Tsum Tsum water tumbler. It was one of the first things I unboxed and I immediately thought of a friend who likes Disney a lot and it made me smile.
  • Sticky tabs with cute motifs. I recently have been using this type of things more and more as I read and note things in stories that I’d like to remember or share out, so this are welcome.


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