A second year of Book Box Club

I had been waiting for a while to have this post out but now is the time!

Happy birthday Book Box Club! Two years old and I have had every single box.

Sadly I was a silly person and gave away (or lent or gifted) book from the first year, but alas I was smarter this year and here it is!


13 gorgeous books for a year (The Bear and the Nightingale came int he same box as The Girl in the Tower) that has had some very intriguing reads (and others not so much). As I look at the books I can’t choose a single favourite.

The boxes have been amazing and there has been a bit of lore and a bit of futuristic vibes and some dystopia and magic and it has been good.

I hope this third year we are starting will bring even more good books (and I can keep guessing the books and have to cancel a preorder, woops!).

But seriously, I have come back from a week’s worth holiday spending time with our squad. A squad that was started thanks to Book Box Club. So thank you Kate and Libby for all the love, the books, and for helping us find good friends!


Fill this sky with stars...