Subscription Boxes

NPC Crate Unboxing


So I have been an excited idiot and have forgotten to take pictures of the previous boxes because it is just cute. NPC (Nerd Poured Candles) Crate is a candle, pin and bookmark subscription box that is all about nerdiness, and I love it.

Yes, it is a “simple” as in no frills and craziness, but it is sound in content. This one had three delicious smelling candles! (MY favourite smell matchng my own idea of how it would smell was Totoro’s Forest, but I was also very pleasantly surprised by Yubaba’s Bath House mostly because I have never been to one and somehow as I smelled this candle I went “oh yes, this makes sense even if I didn’t even imagine it close to this!”

The Calcifer pin was awesome with all the sassiness of him in it and I was so happy to see it in there. And the bookmark on the other side has the description of things (you level up with each crate, but shhh! let the n00bs find out the hard way) and the label for each candle (as in contents, ingredients, etc).

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can buy it here.

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