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Black Curtain Call Review


Black Curtain Call by Nikki Welton

When 17-year-old Ivy is wrongly accused of a crime during a live performance in a theater she is desperately trying to save from closing, she must run for her life.

With the help of the director, who owns an ancient key to the theater vaults, Ivy, her best friend, Cole, and her sister, together open a passage to medieval Scotland, where the real knight Macbeth and King Duncan are at the height of their powers. But the escape route comes at an unexpected price: Ivy and her friends must play the roles of their lives, impersonating their real past selves. Unless they learn to trust each other more than the malicious whispers of three prophesying witches, the four of them might be lost forever in the world of royal intrigues and murder. This time Ivy must prevent the crime from happening and capture the culprit, or her own fate will change irrevocably.

If she can uncover the reason why the key thrust her into such a hostile world, Ivy might influence her future by altering the past to save the theater and find her way back home.

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Disclaimer: I was provided this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

A second disclaimer, I am not a big fan of Shakespeare retellings. But this is probably my favourite one.

As I finished this, my thoughts all end up in one. I wish Ivy had enjoyed the ride more. She’s trying so hard to go back to the theater that it felt like she wasn’t living in the moment. (And I mean, if you’re transported to the past and one of your past selves, why not figure things out and enjoy it?).

The others seem to get into character better. Does that mean Ivy maybe isn’t suited for theater? Who knows? I did ponder on this more than I probably should, but if she can’t act in the past, who says she can in the present?

It was an interesting “retelling” of Macbeth, the idea was way better than the original. However, Ivy’s attitude kept getting in the way of enjoying it as much as I think I would. (Also, why is she friends with Cole? I would’ve ditched him years ago).

If Shakespeare is your thing, you’ll enjoy this book.

Moon recommends

If you like retellings, go read Black Curtain Call. Or you can give The Queens of Innis Lear a go.


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