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Heathen Volume 1 Review


This will be a less formal review because it is a graphic novel. The artwork is a bit messy but that is the style it is going for and that is interesting in itself (also, it is seriously NSFW).

I don’t know exactly how I came by Heathen, but I do know that I enjoyed reaing it and that there’s a second volume coming out soon so I really want it because it is about a girl viking and there is also gods and mythology, and there’s a lot of sexy stuff going on too.

But it is also about breaking the norm and what is expected of you and going against the current and just trying to figure who you are and want you want and if you are able to go and be yourself and live with the consequences of that. It is about love and family and friendship.


And there are wolves waiting for the end of the world in it (well one isn’t, it is napping) but I like the fact that it isn’t just one bit of the story but several and this was one of my favourite scenes because it made me smile and laugh a little.  (I don’t know, maybe I have a weird sense of humour, who knows?)

All in all I recommend you read this but be aware there it is definitely NSFW.

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  1. Tjohnson says:

    Awesome review!

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