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Dark Kingdom LitJoy Unboxing


Just to clarify, the book included in LitJoy was exactly the same as the one included in Save The Kingdom Fairyloot. Fairyloot edition (book and cover on top left corner) had sprayed edges in black whereas the Litjoy edition has the extra image (the open book in the picture). And I am of course having a very hard time choosing which edition to keep. But let’s do the proper unboxing starting from the book on the top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Onyx & Ivory exclusive LitJoy edition.or letter on the other side, it is signed (rather than bookplate), but it lacks the sprayed edges.
  • Gold Collagen Eye Mask. I’ve always wanted to try them but never did justify getting so I was pleased to receive them in this box as it is the perfect excuse to try them without feeling guilty or silly for choosing them.
  • Dragon Eye Activated Charcoal by The Charming Frog. I have raved about The Charming Frog’s soaps before and I usually stock up on them, so I immediately recognised the soap was from them (yes that kind of fan of their soaps I am that just by seeing the soap I know it is from them before reading the label or anything) which makes me super happy.
  • Linh Cinder Magnet by Laura Hollingsworth. Funny, I have followed The Silver Eye comic for a long time so it was also easy to recognise one artist I enjoy very much (LitJoy really overdid themselves choosing things I like and can recognise).
  • A set of promotional cards about Onyx and Ivory.
  • Theme card
  • Life Force Novelly Yours Candle. It smells yummy!
  • Dragon print by Bambi Khan.
  • Darkling & Rhysand “Magical Men” Tote bag, which is huge and good quality.

I was very pleased with the box of course since it is lovely and had a lot of good products including the ones I knew from before!

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