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#BeeBrave tag

I am starting this tag with a little prompt from LitJoy Crate (mostly they did a challenge and I turned it into a tag for a blog).

This is about being brave and what has taken a lot of courage for you to do/accomplish/whatever it is. And it is about loving books and being bookish. And there is no too little a thing to be considered being brave.

The rules are simple:

  • Answer the prompts as best as you can.
  • Tag a few friends/bloggers.
  • Congratulate yourself and celebrate your achievements, you are brave 🙂


Introduce yourself.

Hi everyone, I am Moon. I am a book box addict, massive reader, engineer, artist, crazy person. I live in the UK, have curly hair… I am not sure what else to say about myself?

Tell us one to three things you’ve done that took courage.

First thing that took courage was to move to the UK. I packed all my life into two big suitcases and a smaller one (this last one was full of books), and left my family and friends for this new country. It was hard and it took a while to make friends. Specially since I am shy, but it was also a different culture (kissing everyone on the cheek isn’t exactly normal here).

A second thing that took a lot of courage was leaving a very abusive relationship and becoming instantly homeless, pwithout money and unemployed. It was super scary, and very difficult to do. But somehow and thanks to friends I survived and found a new family. (I didn’t have my family’s support).

Last but not least, it is still taking me courage to come to terms with the fact that I have hypermobility on top a few other things, so I am wrestling with this part at the moment.



Do you like bees? Why?

I do, and I am not afraid of them (wasps is another story!). I even wanted to have a bee hive in our garden but got a definite no from my boyfriend. Shame 🙁

You are Brave, thanks for sharing! Tag some brave people 😉

I tag Nikki, Maja, Helen, and Beth.




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