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Shallow relationships and a possible end of the world



Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron

Soon after 16 y.o. Jaya’s mom passes, so-called Beings (a.k.a. angels) are starting to fall from the sky. In a pattern that seems random, every now and then a Being falls down to the earth, and towards its own unavoidable death due to the collision. No one knows where the Beings are coming from, or why they’ve started to crash down on the planet. Immense panic breaks out as everyone think’s the world is ending. But as the month’s pass by and nothing happens, everything is pretty much back to normal. For most people, that is.

Jaya’s dad on the other hand soon joins the so-called Wingdings; groups of people connecting through the internet, trying to predict where the next Being is going to land. Searching for answers to life’s existential questions, or just for a lot of money, they decide to gather near Edinburgh, and Jaya and her little sister Rani has no choice but to tag along on their dad’s obsession-like adventure. This soon takes an unpredicted turn, as the fall does happen, but not in a way that anyone would’ve predicted. At the same time Jaya meets the twins Callum and Allie. Allie that’s carrying both a heavy secret, an inside fire burning for change, and maybe also the key to Jaya’s much messed up heart.

Rating:  🐖 🐖

Before I received this book from BookBoxClub I had never heard of it, neither of the author Sophie Cameron, so apart from being curious, I had no expectations for this book. However, I immediately got into the story, as it’s written in a very easy read and fast paced way. If you’re looking for a light summer read while chilling in the hammock, this might just be it.

Even though this wasn’t my favourite read, what I did like about Out of the Blue was the overall plot. The Beings starting to fall, and all of the chaos, hope, fear, but most of all afterthought, the falls creates in both the society as a whole and within the characters of the story. These are some really thought sparking and interesting questions, and I would love to read about them from like four hundred more perspectives. So all of you fanfic writers, I put my faith in you!

As to what I didn’t love, that’s unfortunately a lot. Mostly that even though I quickly got into the book, I was never really into it. Something about the whole depiction of Jaya’s unhappy love story, her feelings about her mom’s death, her relationship to Allie and her father and sister … I never felt it. Maybe it was that same fast paced writing that made the story thrilling that got in the way; I did get the feeling that the relationship part’s of the story was just hurried through, and therefore they did feel a bit shallow. So …

Dr. Bea approves but not without some hesitation

If you’re looking for more angel related adventures, leaning to the fantasy rather than the contemporary side, I strongly recommend the Penryn & the End of Days-trilogy by Susan Ee, starting with the book Angelfall.





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