Introducing you to Dr. Bea

Hi all,

Starting in May and from now onwards, I will have a collaborator to the blog, Dr. Bea (she isn’t actually a Doctor, but rather a Librarian and I am very fond of her). Everyone say Hi to her

*queue “Hi Dr. Bea” in singsong chorus*

Dr Bea is part of the book box club but she is in a colder country, Sweden, and she is a delightful fun person who doesn’t like whales or dolphins, but does like fire, theatre and books (obviously). She will be posting some of the reviews for Book Box Club books, and also she will add more books to the review list (specially Mystery and Thriller, we want to broaden the spectrum of what is reviewed here).

But I’d better let her introduce herself a little bit more and better…


HELLO INTERNET. HELLO BLOG READERS. This is Dr. Bea, also known as The Spiderpig, writing.

Well, Moon kinda’ got all the important facts about my being down in print already, so I’ll just extend them a bit.

  • I do love Mystery and Thriller! But I’m also a sucker for Science Fiction. Not the travelling between different universe’s kind of Sci-fi, but the more (literally) down to earth, possibly near future with available technology kind. (I apparently also love long sentences, but I’ll work on that.) In fact, my first review on Moon’s blog is gonna be up next, and if you’re into governmental conspiracies and futuristic yet realistic adventures, this might very well be THE READ of 2018 for you.
  • Although I’m for some unknown reason terrified of whales, my favourite animals of all times are turtles.
  • At my work as a librarian, I’ve specialized in multilingual reading and Swedish for beginners, focusing on adults rather than children.
  • 2018 has so far been an amazing year reading wise for me, and if you haven’t read them already please give Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineThe Hate U Give and Everything Beautiful is Not Ruined a shot. (Realizing now that they’re all contemporary, which usually isn’t my favourite. But all the more reason to check them out.)

Okay, enough rambling on my part! I just once again wanna thank Moon for letting me be a guest blogger here. If you like what you hear from me, you can stalk me at @aspiderpigsreadings on Bookstagram. A lot of bookish pictures as well as longer and shorter reviews going on there as well. Cya’.

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