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Upon Her Throne Litjoy Crate Unboxing

Who wants to be a queen? No? Yes? I admit I may not particularly want the hassle but it sounds like a fun thing to do now and then. And in this month’s LitJoy Crate you can get a tiny taste of that.


So going round and starting with the book:

  • The Queen’s Rising by Rebbeca Ross. I was going to preorder this book because she chooses knowledge as her passion and the book sounded intriguing. It came with author letter and signed bookplate.
  • Underneath is a Constellation Scarf that is so utterly gorgeous I can’t help but love it.
  • That gorgeous crystal necklace is a Stone of Eventide Necklace.
  • On top of it is the booklet with all the explanations as to why they chose each item and this time it includes other book recommendations.
  • Restore Me sampler.
  • Sansa Stark print by Yara Noe. It is hauntingly dark and I love it even though at first I didn’t know who it was.
  • Heartless Quote Bookmark which has a delicate decoration I am enjoying very much.
  • Passion Bath Bomb (apparently I got With which is the green one) by Fizzy Fairy Apothecary.

This box is so lush and somehow makes me want to run a bath and just read this book and relax.

Fill this sky with stars...