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The Fallen Kind Vol I: Ghosts Of Nunchi Review

The author was kind enough to provide me with a copy of the book for a honest review (he even signed it, which made me SO happy!!!!)


The Fallen Kind Vol I: Ghosts Of Nunchi by M. Almelk

Following an apocalyptic near mass extinction, the lifeforms left behind on Casi – a planet of intriguing creatures and haunting landscapes – must find reason for their unexplained survival. 

In their bid to discover a mysterious place in which hope and desire still exist, Evan and Beveridge find they are not the only souls searching for the elusive Promised Land… 

Vol I of The Fallen Kind series.

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Let me start this by saying that the actual story was quite interesting and I kept wondering if they would be able to find the Promised Land or not and what would happen between them.

However, there was a lot of jumping of points of view and too many characters (I confused a couple every now and then, so yeah Law and Levi kept getting a bit jumbled for example). But I cared for them all and wanted to have them reach their goal.

Plus the book has some illustrations to help you visualise things and I also enjoyed that. Bonus for sure.

One thing that would’ve helped a lot would’ve been a glossary. But all in all if you like sci-fi and futuristic reads, give this a try.



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