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The Ice Garden Review

In case you didn’t know I am mild to medium photosensitive/photophobic (it does NOT mean I am scared of light or pictures). This basically means an allergy to light and it can be just the sun, any source of UV light, etc. It varies, it is not very common (it took 12 years to get diagnosed) and it makes life difficult (to me it is normal but it does mean I have to do certain things other people think are odd).

What has this got to do with the review? Well, I found out two books which have a main character that present photosensitivity. The first one is The Ice Garden.


The Ice Garden by Guy Jones



The premise is lovely and I actually really enjoyed the representation in this book, and the whole ice garden part was beautiful. I do really wish there were more books around like this one.

It slightly made me think of The Secret Garden and Little Princess (but in a good way) and I rushed through it. I felt happy at the end, and was glad about it all.

As I meantioned above my levels are mild to medium so I do not get rashes/bruises as horrible as Jess did, but I do get rashes and it was intersting to see how it is difficult to have a normal life when it is not mild.

I think one of my favourite things was the whole representation of the illness/condition and how it affects you but also that there is hope and that you can have a life despite it. I am glad Guy Jones decided to write about it (even I do not know what made him choose to do so).

Moon Recommends

If you like fantasy, quick reads and would like to read about photosensitivty, I definitely recommend this little book. The only other book I know about that represent photosensitivity is Lovely, Dark and Deep by Justina Chen (which I will be reviewing as soon as I can get hold of it).


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