Subscription Boxes

September YumeTwins Unboxing

After a lot of umming and erring, I decided to stop my subscription to YumeTwins. So this is the last box I will unbox from them (until a specific theme/item changes my mind and I do a one-off box).

My reasons to stop are relatively simple. I do not get the most out of the items sent. It is not that they aren’t good items or good value, but rather that they don’t fit in my lifestyle at the moment and as much as I find them cute and find smiles in them, they are gathering more dust than being used (in all fairness, out of each box one or two items have been quite useful and are being used happily at home).


Starting from the box and going clockwise:

  • A Cinnamoroll bag. It is really cute and Cinnamoroll is one of my favourite Sanrio characters (along Twin Stars). Sadly this is one of those items that won’t get used much.
  • Studio Ghibli chopsticks. They are gorgeous and are currently in my kitchen, but we rarely ever have food that requires chopsticks so they are still waiting to be used.
  • A prtable comb with Rilakkuma. It is very pink and sadly, because of having curly hair I only use a wooden comb so not keeping it despite the cuteness.
  • A cute plush toy. This is the one item I wanted and you had 4 different versions of it. I really wanted this specific version so when I unboxed it and saw it was the one I wanted I was so excited and squealed in delight. This cutie is now my bed companion and brings me buckets of joy.
  • Under the foxy plush is the box for a wristwatch (somehow I wasn’t very good on taking unboxing pics this time, in my defense I was too excited) which is nice but not my style so not keeping it.

As you can see it was a cute box and quite lovely, but sadly it just doesnt match me very well (though I was absolutely delirious about gettign what I wanted).

If you like cute things I’d definitely recommend trying it out.


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